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ATTIX5 TECHGATE Online Backup is a secure, automated data backup and retrieval solution that intelligently and securely backups and stores critical data. This is achieved by sending the data securely, via the Internet, from a user's computer (whether it is a server, desktop or laptop) to fully mirrored, offsite data storage platforms in separate locations, ensuring that your valuable data is safe, secure and is available anytime, anywhere via the WebAccess interface.


ATTIX5 TECHGATE Online Backup is more cost effective than more basic backup solutions offered by other major providers, yet it can be used across a variety of platforms, is fully scaleable and gives users freedom to access and recover data from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, because only incremental data is backed up online, it’s up to 98% faster than traditional tape backup systems.

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End User Benefits

With banking level security and a WebAccess facility that affords you extraordinary flexibility, the appeal of Techgate Online Backup is unusually wide ranging, whether you are in IT, Finance, Administration, Sales or even if you are the Managing Director, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe.

Secure 128 bit SSL & 448 bit encryption
Automatic no user intervention
Off site data stored in 2 locations
Global access from any internet connected PC
Easy to use no expensive training required
Time saving quick and easy data retrieval
Scaleable servers, desktops and laptops
Faster 98% faster than tape backup
Efficient only changes are backed up
Central control unique monitor console
Disaster recovery an essential component

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Telephone (44) 870 443 4001
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